28-Day Detox / Kitchen Creations

28-Day Whole Living Detox: Prep

Tomorrow I start this cleanse.  It’s intense.  I cannot even pretend to say it’s not.

I successfully completed all 28-days earlier this year  – you know, it was time to purge some of that holiday “remnants.”  I went through the entire process solo, making it equal parts more difficult and more liberating.  My success (or failure) was entirely up to me.  I had no one to blame if I cheated; no one to call for support; no one to talk me off the ledge when I faced the battle of the wills with the dark chocolate.  More so, however, flying solo also meant the sense of accomplishment when day 28 finished was entirely my own.

This time will be a bit different in a few different ways.  First, two dear friends are trudging their ways through with me!  I think they’re only doing the 21-day version; regardless, I think it will be a totally new experience to have friends to understanding the cravings!  And secondly, having gone through it before, I know what to expect and how my body responds.  Based on what I learned from last time, I’m going to extend the week one phase out likely to at least 10 days.

I’ve been lucky enough to identify a number of different triggers that leave me feeling not at my best in recent months, but I’m hoping to isolate just a few more in the coming weeks.  This will be more difficult than I expected though because one of the food groups I’m most concerned about among the few I’m allowed to consume in the first phase.  Obviously I don’t want to harm myself or my body and since my caloric intake will be so low the first phase I’ll have to be very intentional to supplement the additional omission.  It can be done; I just need to be mindful!  On top of that, I’m hoping to see if my face clear up again (it did last time!) and ease some tension in my lower digestive track.

The cleanse was so, so good for me last time.  I discovered so much clarity, focus and poise in the last 28 days that I know these 28 will be equally rewarding.


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