28-Day Detox / Kitchen Creations

28-Day Whole Living Detox: Day 1

Lunch, Day 1

First day of the detox!  Despite feeling a little tired and having a slight headache most of the day, I feel good.  It was tough to get through hosting a weekly get together with a group of friends which always includes dinner without eating anything I should not have, but I stayed committed!

Breakfast:  Antioxidant Smoothie
(Kale, mixed berries, 100% cranberry juice, water)

Lunch: Avocado with bell pepper and tomato and an apple
(Avocado, yellow bell pepper, grape tomatoes, cilantro, lime juice)

Dinner: Roasted garlic and beet soup with mixed greens
(Beets, garlic, leeks, thyme, basil, and lemon juice)

All recipes are adapted from Whole Living.


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