28-Day Detox / Kitchen Creations

28-Day Whole Living Detox: Day 3

I have much to confess:
1. I spent the majority of the day dreaming of alcohol. The fact that the hardest part of this cleanse is not the missing of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies that just came out of the oven nor the molten chocolate cake that I would on any day love to inhale or the biscotti I long to dip into a freshly crafted cappuccino is nonsense.  No, it’s the luxurious swirl of red in a bowl of a glass. It’s the merlot, the cab, the chianti. I’m not sure what that says about me, but I’m embracing it.
2. I’m pretty sure I’ve confused my fresh parsley for fresh cilantro and vice versa on more than one occasion. Most notably was when I took my first bite of lunch on day 1. Fun times, fun times.
3.  I’ve found that jumping around the apartment for countless minutes to music only you can hear (thanks, iPod) while suffering the fumes of cleaning like a mad woman with a very, very low caloric intake for the day doesn’t end well.  Lesson learned.
On a more serious note, sitting down to write tonight has a sense of accomplishment.  The headache (which I’m guessing is, in large part, caffeine related) raged for the majority of the day.  It’s tough because I am so conditioned to wanting to do something to alleviate the pain with aspirin, coffee, etc., all the while knowing I can only – ultimately- push through it. I am noticing more specific reactions to certain foods, which is a huge benefit to having such a restricted diet right now.

Today’s looked like this:
Breakfast:  Mango, banana, orange smoothie that was loosely based on this.

Lunch: More beet soup with mixed greens and a few grape tomatoes. (I woke up late and didn’t have time to make what I anticipated.)

Dinner:  Roasted Peppers, Cauliflower and Almonds (below).  I subbed capers for the olives because I forgot to pick up olives from the store.


Ps.  Remember confession no. 2? Yeah, I’m pretty sure I did it again. All I have to say is capers + cilantro? No dice. When will I learn?!?!


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