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28-Day Whole Living Detox: Day 10

Since I’m supposed to have started phase two of the cleanse already but haven’t, I was desperate to change-up breakfast. I mean, I love the smoothies; I really do. Even non-cleanse a green monster or some variation therein is my breakfast of choice probably four to five days of the week. But the thing is, those other two days keep me sane. Sometimes I just need to be able to eat my breakfast instead of drink it.  I need to crunch and bite.

So, I went on a hunt and found this lovely alternative: Seeds, Nuts & Berries – Yummiest Chia Breakfast Porridge! How pleased was I that it was completely within the parameters of phase one but allowed me to have a bit of a crunch? Words cannot say.

It starts like this:

(I forgot to include the unsweetened, organic almond milk in the photo.)

And ends up looking like this:


YUMMM, right?

I have to say, in a perfect world I would have preferred for it to be warm.  After the seeds soak, they don’t have much of a crunch so I had a hard time mentally categorizing it as a cereal but think it could have gone over much better as an oatmeal alternative. And for as high of a calorie count as it was (I calculated around 340 for my preparation which included about 5 sliced almonds) I would have liked to have been full longer.

BUT it did leave me feeling very satisfied and quenched my need for something other than a liquid breakfast.  In all, I’d absolutely make this again and would take a good deal of liberty in deviating from the recipe on temperature, spices, etc.,  because there really isn’t much you can do to mess it up.

Is it day 11 yet?  My body is reeeeeaaaaddddyyy to re-introduce legumes, seafood and organic soy!

Ps.  Remember those kale crisps I raved about?  I’m thinking they led me to discovering my newest trigger:  sesame seeds.  I’m not for sure yet, but I was in so much pain yesterday.


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