28-Day Detox / Kitchen Creations

28-Day Whole Living Detox: Day 12

I’m going to be enormously transparent here. My stomach and digestive track have been a wreck today. As in seriously painful. One of the reasons that I decided to do this detox again was the aim of alleviating some of the pain, bloating and swelling but although I feel better mentally my symptoms are not subsiding as I hoped they would. So, I scheduled another colonic. I could just feel it was time. (This was my second.) I know they tend to be controversial, not to mention something people usually shy away from discussing, but when it comes to detoxing I cannot tell you how helpful I find them.

To me, it makes sense. I’ve spent the past nearly two weeks releasing all these built up toxins in my body, but if they aren’t actually flushing out, what good is it? I’ll be honest, it can be a little weird to walk into the appointment. It is. But if you do the research before about the facility, their certification, and the process it can truly only be to your benefit, at least in my opinion. The staff at my facility, Karyn’s, is so kind and helpful that it also alleviates a lot of the nerves. They know you are overwhelmed, especially the first time or two, so they go out of their way to be welcoming and accommodating.

I was nauseous through most of today’s process, which in talking to my therapist is normal and is a big indicator of the amount of toxins that had yet to leave my body. As miserable as it was the only thing more miserable is the thought (and the painful reality) of having all that still built up in my body. An hour later I felt exhausted, which again is normal, but much, much better. I could actually stand erect with abdominal muscles in. Better still, I no longer felt as though I was carrying 30 extra pounds in my lower abdomen.

One great thing is that after the process you’re so depleted that all you truly want is as much healthy stuff as you can get to replenish your system. I made myself this big salad that was loosely based off Whole Living’s Spicy Black Bean Salad, but again modified to use up extra ingredients from past meals.


And yes, that is a corn tortilla you see in that picture.  I finally found one that only had four ingredients: ground corn, water, lime and salt!

Breakfast:  Green Monster smoothie (Kale, banana, mango, 100% OJ)
Roasted Garlic and Beet soup and a handful of pistachios
Baby carrots with organic hummus 
Salad (Power baby greens, tomato, red onion, black beans, jalapeno, red cabbage, hot salsa, avocado with lime juice as dressing)


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