Friday Fun


The protests that found me on my way to dinner. This was an offspring of 25S but wanted to be more in the public eye so they took to winding through the streets after occupying the square for hours. I think they were looping back to the square. People passed with arms linked for a solid ten minutes. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen anything quite like it.


Tinto de verano! I’m not really sure why the entire establishment received firework-esc straws, but it was fun for a Friday!


Bar companions watching the Real Madrid v. Barcelona Champions League game. It was utterly insane, but wildly fun! The match ended with a score of 2-2. Being one who doesn’t yet know all the ins and outs of soccer, I was hoping for some insanity in a tie breaker and thus was moderately disappointed when all went (relatively) happily home that Madrid didn’t lose.


Isn’t she precious? The sweetness of this moment is one that warms the soul and makes the life change feel a little less radical and a little more manageable. She sat like this for nearly the entirety of play time simply and quietly reading to herself, hand on her hip.


Morning light on my walk to work. The difference in time of when the sun comes up has been one of the most difficult adjustments. I am accustomed to seeing natural daylight before 8:25am. But I love how the light tone makes it seem as though the angel (building topper) is dancing upon Madrid.


The view from one of my very favorite reading spots in the city. Depending on the hour I don’t get much reading done because this spot doubles as the ideal spot for people watching.


The protest that I literally ran into on my walk home from work. This is the first time since I’ve arrived that I’ve seen a protest in Sol, and the first composed nearly entirely of this demographic.┬áBut fear not, the woman on her cell phone wasn’t phased a bit.


Madrid has no capacity to understand that when I want my dish spicy I actually mean it. (In fact, they are so adverse to spice it is laughable.) Hence, I was brought this upon requesting my dish be made as spicy as it could be made. My jaw dropped, and then I couldn’t stop laughing.


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