Friday Fun


One of the exhibits at the Reina Sofia was of all the old marketing for the World’s Fairs. There were countless advertisements for Chicago, including this one!


Why hello, Jack!


An American breakfast with Spanish friends!


I stumbled upon this new store called American Sweet which had all of the things that Americans traditionally miss the most while abroad, including JIF, Cheeries, and a massive section devoted to cupcakes.


True: we did manage to consume 23 beers in one sitting. Don’t you judge us! There was eight of us… that counts for something, right?


This is exactly what Spaniards sound like when they say Facebook and Twitter.


“Next year will be better.”
The sad but true sentiment that permeates so much of life here.


2 thoughts on “Friday Fun

  1. Man, I complain a lot but the Spanish are hilarious. More awesome signs of them being clueless, please. I fell off my chair when I realized that the word for toilet (pronounced like “batter”) was spelled “water” after “water closet.”

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