Friday Fun


Taste of America! Except I have no idea what the thing in the center is supposed to be…


Spain – where tricycles are padlocked


The first truly decent beer I’ve had since I arrived


Because it is necessary for every single chair to have a fur blanket when the high is 14 degrees (55F) and the low is 5 degrees (41F)


Tea time! I had scrumptious house specialty that was quite similar to a chai tea


“They left us without a future…. General Strike 14 November”
It feels like this poster (or something like it) can be found on every corner of the city. This one particularly was hanging at work. By general strike they essentially mean the entire city: all sects, all fields, all classes


La Central is a great find of a bookstore that uses images of its renovation as part of its decor


4 thoughts on “Friday Fun

  1. I’m pretty sure that thing in the middle is a coffee cup with a steamy “S” coming out of it, no? Of course, if an American didn’t readily recognize it, how effective is the logo?

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