Madrid Prepares for 14N

Remember when I posted this photo in Friday Fun? It seemed far off and distant, but in lightning speed it has arrived.  Tomorrow is the day of the 14N general strike (info here, here and here) and the entire city is buzzing with nerves, excitement and angst.  Tension bellows from the streets and rumbles overhead as helicopters circle my building (againto catch footage of people preparing for the big day.

This is the most mobilized and far-reaching protest I’ve seen since I arrived. In terms of preparation and organization I will wager it will be exponentially bigger than 25S was.  Why? Because this protest includes all sects, all transportation, all services and all workers.  It is a general strike in the broadest, most encompassing sense of the word – at least as its been explained to me by my many friends who will participate.  Its Twitter hashtag (#14n) moves so quickly I cannot keep up.

To get the scope of just how intense it already is, take a look at the advanced postings I saw on my walk home tonight.  The signs were seriously countless.  I eventually stopped snapping photos only because my camera died.  Even so, you get the idea…


A clothing store announces it will only be open in the morning because of the strike.


An elementary school posts a sign ensuring it will indeed be open and fully functioning despite the strike.
(Yes, creepy shadow image is me.)


This sign rests on a door stoop waiting to be used tomorrow.


A store cleared all of its displays and posted a sign that it will not open at all because of the strike.


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