Friday Fun, Week 4


Morning light.


Just received this photo from New Years. Miss her, miss there.


Saturday night’s floor. Those are seed shells. You know… normal.


Choose the café for the coffee, not the wi-fi.
Clever marketing for a phone company (read: data plan) because this is so, so true – of all of us.


Sweets near work. (Also, I cannot tell a lie: I didn’t even notice the ‘My’ was ‘Mi’ until I uploaded this.)


Save our Madrid television bike protest


A coffee para llevar on a cold, rainy day


One thought on “Friday Fun, Week 4

  1. Hi Sweetheart, am enjoying your blogs. Apologize for not writing, have just been super busy. Will sit down after the weekend and get it done. Tete Cheryl and Un cle Eric will be here Friday night thru Sat. Once they leave, I’ll nail myself to my chair and write. love you, Gram

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