Friday Fun, Week 5


A beer and toast for €3… or coffee, if you must. Because beer at 8:00am is the most normal thing in the world.


A lone autumn leaf when all was grey. I liked it.


Madrid’s metro is one of the best in the world.
Use it.
Well then.


Is there any escaping TSwift?.


Creeper status aside, I thought this was sweet. Also, these aren’t popular in the US. I think they should be (so much easier for little ones to then learn to ride a bike– so obvious!).


An umbrella shop, because tomorrow it will rain.


This week we had a “Superbowl” of our own: the Madrid-Barça game.


One thought on “Friday Fun, Week 5

  1. When my best friend came to visit me in Spain we went out for breakfast and he loved seeing old ladies having beers together and laughing at 10 in the morning. It gave us hope for the future. (Visca Barça!)

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