Cartier Exhibit

I did the ultimate girly thing with my free day…. I went to the Cartier exhibit at the ever lovely Thyssen Museum. I know, I know, but seriously, wouldn’t you? I mean, it’s Cartier.

I selected my admission time and bought my ticket the day before as the exhibit is pretty popular. I recommend doing this because then it’s an easy jump through the line of people who weren’t so clever and straight to the good stuff. The museum admits people in increments to help with the traffic flow and stick to your assigned time quite strictly so be mindful.

The exhibit is comprised of pieces that have been repurchased by the jeweler over the years. It begins with some of the great tiaras from its early years and continues into the innovative designs of the ’30s and 40s and finishes with commissioned pieces for such people as Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor.

It was girly. It was fun. It was my day off.







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