So I visited Sevilla. Did I forget to mention that? I thought I might have.

It was lovely, and so unbelievably different than life here in Madrid. The people, the atmosphere, the clothes, the children all declared their particularities. I think I may have gotten a false impression of what it’s truly like in as much as I visited in the dead of “winter” when heat is in hiding and one can comfortably- and pleasurably- walk the streets. The break from the pollution of Madrid was much needed though the incompetency felt due to the different accent wasn’t entirely welcomed. What can you do? I’m still learning.

Have a short time to spend in Spain? Visit Andalucia while you’re here. It’s beautifully different than its northern counterpart and worth the trek. My impression (supported by various co-workers who come from the south) is that the culture is very much a sit and enjoy a tapa kind of life, which is sometimes exactly as life should be.

Here’s a tidbit of what I saw:


It was a chilly, foggy morning but the carriages were still plentiful.


Morning strolls around the Giralda


The orange trees were vibrant throughout the city.


A passerby notices the man who watches visitors discover his town.


Things are not what they once were.


Remnants of old.


Plaza España doubled as a history lesson**.


Roasted chestnuts are not only for Christmas**.


Night walks.

**These photos are by the ever-lovely and crazy talented Karina


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