I write to learn and learn through writing. I am a connoisseur of words.

Per my dear Gram my cooking philosophy is this: Don’t buy what you can make better at home. I’ve taken it to heart and have developed a serious addiction to spending time in the kitchen.

I believe handwritten correspondence is one of the most genuine things in the world. I have a pen pal to this day.

Occasionally I contribute over at Global Voices. You can find my work here.

I am a city hopper who needed a place to put all her musings… and so A City in Colour was born.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Nurse Anne, here! Carol told me how to fine you — how lovely to see your beautiful face.
    I’ll be checking in w/you to see how God’s blessing your new adventure. What ARE you doing work-wise? Love to you, Nurse Anne!

    • Thanks much, Nurse Anne! I’m in Madrid working with schools as they develop their bilingual curriculum. It’s quite different than what I was doing before but it’s been quite a journey thus far!

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